Sword of Battle of Grunwald A.D.1410.

Sword of Battle of Grunwald A.D.1410.

Medieval knight's sword from the time of the Battle of Grunwald. The model was developed based on the swords in the type XVII of Oakeshott's typology. They are dated from the turn of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, and certainly this type of swords were used during the times of the Battle of Grunwald.

Two bare swords, which were originally given to the Polish king before the battle, have not survived to our times. Disappeared without a trace in the mid-nineteenth century, their subsequent history is unknown. According to historical sources these swords were not special in any way. However, decades later, emblems of the Polish Kingdom and Grand Duchy of Lithuania were added, their handles and fittings were covered with gold.

Our product has a cross in type 2 (according to the Oakeshotte's typology), which often occurs in swords from this period. In connection with pommel of the type J (by Oakeshotte's typology) this sword is simple but very well-known to every medieval history enthusiast.

Handle is wrapped with natural leather and all steel parts are polished so that the sword has a matte surface.

Warning! Sharp edges blade is very dangerous to be used during combat. We take no responsibility for effects of such using.



  • blade width at cross 4,5 cm
  • grip length 16 cm
  • center of balance 10 cm
  • weight 1,6 kg
  • blade length 86 cm
  • total length 109 cm

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mirror polished 76.92 €

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