Viking sword „Vestre” IX-X c. - type "O"

Viking sword „Vestre” IX-X c. - type "O"

Viking sword based on an original sword from IX-X century. The original is part of a find from Vestre Berg at the Løiten parish in Akershus county in Norway. Alongside with this sword were also found arowheads, a lock to the chest, a second sword (very short), axe head and other iron objects - all quite well preserved.
This sword represents type „O” according to Petersen's classification.

Pommel, upper guard and a crossguard are finely decorated with engraved patterns that coresponds one another. All these elements are cast from brass in our foundry workshop and then polished or patinated as ordered. The grip is made of hard wood and then wrapped with natural leather. For an individual order it can be also hand sewn.

The sword has a full battle ready forged blade with no sharp edges. Wide fuller allows to keep the weight as low as possible while the sword is still very well balanced.

As an option we also offer scabbards:
made of thick leather - decorated with embossed pattern or
made of wood and covered with leather.
Each one has a shoe (chappe) made in our foundry workshop.

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Ian Peirce "Swords of the Viking Age", p. 87
Universitetets Oldsaksamling, Oslo

  • weight 1,05 kg
  • blade width at cross 5 cm
  • center of balance 8 cm
  • grip length 11 cm
  • blade length 70 cm
  • total length 87 cm

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Product customization
mat blade  
polished blade 15.38 €
brass parts
black leather  
brown leather  
leather made scabbard 107.69 €
no scabbard  
wooden scabbard covered with leather 115.38 €
sharpened blade 10.26 €
blunt blade  

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